If you don’t track your goals, you have no goals and there is no better way to do this than through Analytics when you move online.

We’ve heard countless stories of business owners being told they’d get x amount of ‘hits’ to their site and they’d continue to see them increase over the coming months. These unfortunate individuals, however, never understood their true online goals. Failing that, there was no tracking of their KPI’s  which resulted in a contract of paying a firm that delivered no value and cost considerable headache on top of a recurring monthly fee until the contract expired.

Avoiding these pitfalls are a tedious matter as you can never guarantee that a business is really a competent Internet Marketing Company until you deal with them directly. One thing we have noticed though, is that our ability to present information clearly and concisely when dealing with business owners and managers leaves little doubt that we are well suited to the task. Our experience in providing regular insights on how a prospect interacts with both a new website redesign or social media tool sets us apart from most Search Engine Optimisation Firms.

That is why it is imperative you measure every action possible. Doing this will ensure you are on track to meeting your online goals, be they enquiries, downloads or sales. It also allows greater insight into trends you might otherwise be oblivious to if you weren’t to monitor many metrics crucial to the correct analysis of a website. Some of these include:

  • Visits (not ‘hits’)
  • Real Time Visits
  • Bounce Rate (% who leave your site after landing on the first page)
  • Avg Time on Page
  • Most Visited Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Traffic Sources
  • Search Phrases being used to find your site
  • Visitor Locations

Tracking these and other metrics provide the data necessary to gaining insights on buyer habits, how customers interact with your site and where you can improve on it.

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